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Director's Corner

Guest Survey Results Announced

Over the last couple of months, we have been conducting surveys of our guests, as well as other homeless or displaced persons that we have met around Waltham. We asked about our programs and how we could better serve the community.

Click here for a summary of the results.

A Poem Written by one of Our Guests "Heavens Grocery Store"

Click here to read the poem

Watch an Interview with Marilyn Lee-Tom about the Photo Exhibit "Homelessness From Our Eyes"

Cick here to watch

Faces Exhibit

Watch an Interview with Marilyn Lee-Tom about the Exhibit

Our Donors

We appreciate every donation that is made to us, big or small, and would like to thank the many who have helped us with their generosity. We try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible but it is not always as complete as we wish it were. If you have given, and do not see your name here, let us know and we will add you in. If you have not given, or would like to help us out further, please consider another gift, or a recurring gift, which can be done online by clicking here.

We thank these Churches, Temples, Mosques and other Faith Organizations:

Beth Eden Baptist Church
Chaplains On The Way
Congregation B'Nai Torah
Congregation Dorshei Tzedek
Covenant Congregational Church
Christ Episcopal Church (and their Grandma's Attic Thrift Shop)
First Baptist Church in Waltham
First Church of Christ in Mansfield
First Parish Church of Watertown
First Parish Church in Lincoln
First Presbyterian Church of Waltham
First Unitarian Society in Newton
Presbytery of Boston
First Evangelical Lutheran Church
Newton Highlands Congregational Church
United Parish of Auburndale
Newton Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church in Needham
The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Friends Meeting at Cambridge
First Parish in Waltham, UU, Inc.
First Parish Church in Weston
Presbyterian Church of Burlington
St. James Episcopal Church
The Presbyterian Church in Sudbury
Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts
Church of the Covenant
Christ Church Episcopal

We thank these Schools, Clubs and Associations:

Cotting School
Brandeis University
Lasell College
Waltham Woman’s Club

We thank these Foundations

Frederick E. Weber Charities Corp.
F.M. Global Foundation
Helen Robinson Wright Foundation
Clipper Ship Foundation
Jones Partnership
Susan L. Dehoffr Trust

We thank our Business Sponsors and Donors:

AAA Southern New England
A Matter of Brilliance
Albert’s Photo Studio
Allen & Hollander LLP
Antojito Cafe
Antonio Arcuri & Sons
Aramark Corporation
Back Pages Bookstore
Belmont Savings
Bird Precision Foundation
Boston by Foot
Boston Red Sox
The British Beer Company
Bruins Alumni
Buca de Beppo
Charles River Reception
The Chateau
Colvin's Inc. Aerial Trucks
Continental Remediation LLC
Courtyard Marriot
Crescent Suites Hotel
Don’s Service Center
Eastern Bank
Edible Arrangements
Ellison Park Sunoco
EOC Corporation
First Financial Resources
Fritz Glass
Garden in the Woods
Golfo LLC
Gore Place Museum
Grandma'sAttic Thift Shop
Gulf Express
Extech Instruments
Handel & Haydn Society
Harvard University Art Museum
Holiday Inn Express
Hovey Players
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museu
J.F.Kennedy Library Museum
Lamezia, Inc.
LC Construction Incorporated
Lee, Yee & Company
Lizzy's Ice Cream
Marcou Jewelers
Margarita's Restaurant
Massachusetts Medical Society
Merrimack Reparatory Theatre
MetroWest Healing Center
Moodz Hair Salon
More than Words
Mount Auburn Hospital
New England Aquarium
North End Market Tour
Olde Sturbridge Village
Paul Revere House
Peabody Essex Museum
Plymouth Plantation
Reagle Music Theater
Shear Pleasure
Sideris Autobody Service DBA Three Sons Auto Body
Sports Museum of New England
Stephen Lyle Contracting
The Waltham Museum
Totten Pond Shell
Twin Springs Golf Course
Red Spot Printing
Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation
U.S.S. Constitution Museum
Upper Crust Pizza
Waltham Athletic Club
Waltham Cable Access Corporation
Waltham Car Wash
Waltham Historical Society
Waltham West Suburban Chamber of Commerce
Watertown Savings Bank
Wellesley Toy Shop
Wellington Plumbing
Yankee Fleet

And we especially thank our individual donors. Without their generosity, we could not carry out our mission:

Ezra Abrams
Rita Adelson
Debra Abberton & Gary Ainsworth
Sol and Ruth Aisenberg
Mark and Ellen Aisenberg
Amy Aisenberg
Annie Aisenberg
Michael Alexander
Alexis Anderson
Leonard & Judith Andrews
Herbert and Varin Ang
Janine Elyse Aronson
Ronald Arsenault
Jacqueline Ashba
Toby & Rebecca Ast
Russell Aucoin
Lynn Barenberg
Charles and Mary Barr
Kathy Barrows
Claire Bean
Irene & Christine Belcher
Carol Belliveau
Carol Benintendi
Jesse Bennard
Lionel and Anne Bercovitch, M.D.
Aimee Berrent
Virginia Birmingham
Chris Blagg & Stacey Keane Blagg
John & Memose Breger
Francis Boudreau, M.D.
Erika and Rhonda J. Bourne
Susan Bowler
Elizabeth Bragg
Donald and Denise Brewer
Catherine & Michael Brown
Nancy & Mark Brown
Curtis & Holly Brown
Marian & Bill Bruins
Barbara & Bill Burgess
Susan Burkart
Sheila & Gregory Burkus
Barbara and Francis Callahan
Christina Camacho
John Camozzi
Donald, Sondra Caplin
John and Patricia Cappadona
Cesidio and Doris Cellucci
Caroline Chan
Peter & Laura Chan
Clifford & Jeanne Chase
Denise Chiasson
Jean Chin
Merle Chong
Cary and Roberta Chow
Henry Sang and Chiu Hsiang Chuang
Christine Elliott & Mark Clark
Bob Clement
Helene Cohen
Sarah Conduragis
Mary Connor
Irene Cornwall
John Countryman
 Leo Keightly and Martha Creedon
Luster Crider
Phillip Crutchfield
Gabrielle and Carl Cunningham
Alan Bowers and John Cunningham
Grace Curtis
Rachelle Dang
Carole Daniels
Tony Lockhart & Kathryn Davis
Paul & Linda Deschenes
Kenneth Dewar
Joanne Vignos and James Doherty
Edna Dolber
Kathleen and James Dolliver
Mary Donnelly
Doris Donovan
Benenice Douglas
Frances Dragon
Sharon & Jim Duda
William Dusett
Michael Durant, Jr.
Pam Eagar
Mark Hulling &Amy Eastwood
Nancy Eckfeld
Thomas and Angelina Emberely
John Emory
Kim Ernst
Carol Euyang
Dave & Jean Evans
Rev. Rob Mark & Becky Evans
Jamie and Katharine Fagan
Susan and Douglas Faller
Joy Kahlenberg and Robert Fallon
Lawrence Fava
Marcia Feuerstein
Beno Fillipo
Gail Flackett
Maryesther Fournier
Janis Bettencourt & Patricia Fox
Peter Frasca
Rev. Marc Fredette
Paul Lauenstein and Leona Friedman
Lora Jo Foo
Eben Forbes
Sue Furman
Bill & Maureen Fowler
Albert Frederick, Jr., M.D.
Suzanne Frederick
Ken Chan and Janice Fukuda
Mr. & Mrs. Tom George, Jr.
Tom George, Sr.
Victor Gerdes
Jane S. Getter
Richard & Carol Giddings
Charles Gordon
Eleanor Goud
David A. and Amy Butler Greenfield
John Thomas Griffin
Evelyn Guillette
Jutta Hager
Dona Hanaike
Anne Hanning
Emily B. and Thomas R. Haslett
Dr. George and Mrs. Daphne Hatsopoulos
Myra Green & Jeffrey Heidt
Rabbi Boaz Heilman
D.M. Hess
Rev. Lydia Hews
Kathleen Heydt
Rev. Elliot Hiep
Sally Hilda Erickson
R. & E. Hodder
Herbert & Leila Hooper
Hung Ling and Gigi Hsu
Suzanne Hughes
Alicia & Miles Hutton
Louis Iannaccone
Rev. Noah Evans & Rev. Sara Irwin
David Isaacson
Rebekah Menning and Willis Jenkins
Hugh & Sara Jones
Cynthia Piltch & Jaime Katz
Elizabeth F. Keane
Judith and Jane Keith
 Colleen Kettle
Winifred Kneisel
Edward & Rosemary Tucci Kozacek
Jay Krasner
Donna and Steve Kwock
Bill Kuncik and Cheryl LaFleur
Si Hoi Lam, M.D.
Julie Land
Milt and Helen Lauenstein
Chuck and Judy Lau
Nancy C. Lawrence-Smith
Seth & Cynthia Lawry
Richard & Jane Leard
Diane LeBlanc, Councilor
Reinaldo Rivera & Regina Lee
Richard and Sally Lee
Tak Matsusaka and Suzanne Lee
Chi Chi Wu & Andrew Leung, J.D.
Nathan A. and Barbara H. Liskov
May Louie & Michael Liu
Kin-Ming and Vivien Lo
Bernice & Hyman Lofchie
Noam Daniel Shore & Corinne Lofchie
Gertrude Lola
Francis Lombardo
Angela Lordi
Robert & Gwyneth Loud
Lucia & Rev. Sam Lowe
Sharyn Lowenstein
Karen & Mike Lowery
Richard and Helen Chin Lui, J.D.
Stephen Lyle
Eloise Lyman
Richard G. Lyons
Martha Ahrens and Gary Madison
Richard & Elaine Maher
Judith Malamud
Karen Malikowski
Dorothy Mark
Jeannette McCarthy
Mary McDonnell
Susan E. and Donald E. McGurk
Nancy McILwrath
Elena Dankens & Katrina McIvor
Karen, Michael Mellett
Mitzi Meriwether
Michael Kan & Mithra Merryman
Davida Miller
Deborah Milman
Barbara & Marc Mitchell
Alice Boardman Morrish
Carol Lee & David Moy
Alfred & Geraldine Muccini
Barbara Mudge
Karen Muise
Robert & Rev. Joan Murray
Daniel Nadell
Theresa Nash
Bradley K. and Gerilyn S. Nederhoff
Carolyn and Paul Neeson
Robert Nelson
Lisbeth G. Nichols
Barbara J. Nill
Lou Nocera
Carol and Michael Nutry
Jeanne O'Connell
Richard E.& Amy Sue Odell
Richard Odell
Gerald or Jean Palmer
Mark Palmer
Tony Palmer
Tina Panagiotou
Wayne & Carole Parrish
Barbara Passero
Elizabeth Perkins
Sandra & Donald Perrin
William and Mildred Peters
Richard & Elizabeth Pew
Catherine Pfau
Lois Pinton
Anne Pitaro
Susan Polk
Helen & John Pollock
Robert Polson
Cindy & David Pomerantz
Marcia G. Powers
Diane Pritchet
Sheila Quinn
Karen Rednor
Judith McMorrow & Richard Reilly
Pamela Reynolds
Norman Nishioka &Helen Riess, M.D.s
Dr. Jay & Melody Ritt,
Allan Rodgers, J.D.
Melanie Malherbe & Jay Rose, J.D.s
Mary Rosenfeld
Arnold & Betty Rots
Gisela Rots
Councilor Stephen & Donna Rourke
Christine Ryan
Chuck Ryan
Peter and Gloria Ryan
Harvey Salgo
Jane & Ronald Salloway
Arthur Sands
Barbara Saulnier
Edward Sazo
Derek & Susan Schrader
Erica Schwarz
Arthur Schwartz
Marilyn Seaburg
Helen Sellew
Jo Anne Setze
Barbara & Bradford Shingleton
Andrea G. Shirley
William & Debra Simmons
Anthony Colangelo & Jaqcqueline Smith
David Smith
Alice and Roger Soderberg
John and Susie Soong
Lisa Sorenson
John & Rev. Jean Southard
Katherine Schacht and Douglas Southard
Rabbi Toba Spitzer
Nancy E. Stanton
Linda Hsu and Marc Steinberg
Allan Kohrman and Carolyn Stone
Douglas Sweetser
John Swisher
Arthur & Marianne Talis
Elizabeth K. Taylor
Owen Taylor
Sally Taylor
Mary Ann Taylor
Jampa Tenzing
Denise and Thomas Thibaut
Peter K. Thies
Dr. Lawrence and Mary Shafer Tom
Antonio Torcasio
Cindy Tracy
Katherine Tranquada
Linda Beattie and Paul Tremblay, J.D.
Paul & Julie Turlish
Molly Turlish
Ingeborg Uhlir
Robert & Sandy Van Sickle
Donna Vanderclock
Robert & Susan Vasquezi
Anna W. Verhulst
Julie and Edward Wack
Jay Weinberger
Harold Weiner
Gaylynn Whitehead
Glenn & Lisa Williams
P. Russell Williams&Susan Fiske Williams
Rev. Linda Williams
Larainne Wilson
Lucille & Andrew Wilson
Paul & Caroline Wong
Arthur and Joanne Wu
Barry Wyshogrod
Stephen and Karen Yee
Karen Lee and Dr. Mike Young
Rachael Weber & Joshua Ziolo

(Last Update 10/19/2011)



We Are In Our New Home!

Just before Christmas we moved into our new home on Felton Street! Thank you to all our supporters who made this happen, tboth with their labor and with their donations. We could not have done it without you!

We still need things to set up our offices and kitchen. Please click here to learn how you can help

Our new home!


Our Supporters:

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